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Homes for Sale Near Fort Meade MD PCSing move

Homes for Sale Near Fort Meade MD PCSing move

Now that my PCS move here to Fort Meade, MD, is officially complete I wanted to make a clear and succinct guide on how to conduct a PCS move.

Easiest move is completely over I figured I'd make a quick things guide on how to do a PCS move 

  1. Start your move To Fort Meade with a quick check on a PCSing website.You can only do this if you are authorized if not it'll say no go.

  2. PCSING to Fort Meade 

  1. across-the-board only thing for that is if you move anything over 4,000 lbs, and it's going to take multiple days of the guys coming and packing up your stuff and loading it up. Just know that if you have less than 4,000 to do in a day no problem. You will get a call saying you know the movers will be here within this 4-Hour window. That came at the very tail end of that 4 hour window. I was not fully packed for the move. Very nicely and put in the truck and was gone. I only had about a thousand Pounds so it took about an hour-and-a-half to deliver the case.

  1. 2 weeks they took my stuff on September 28th and it was scheduled to be delivered October 11th. I actually got a call in the morning saying, “Hello you know we're already in your area can we come today or should we drop it off at a storage?” I said come now and they did and that worked, if it went to a storage place in exactly sure what would happen. 

  1. if you'd have to come get your household goods, and then come get it and bring it to you. If you want to be exactly sure, I want to run the risk they just came straight to me. Living on the first floor of where Outside Base, and they brought everything up into the apartment then unpack everything and put everything where it needed to be. Roughly like in the kitchen or in the bedroom whatever so that worked out very nicely for me.

  1. They take care of the manifest to make sure my goods are safe. I've been really actually very happy with the move. The only problem I really had was I had to call multiple times to give them the delivery address here, because I didn't know when I left I didn't know where I'd be living, which I assume will be to contact my Realtor Skip Young®. Most of the time a PCS moves so I've called in the address and then I can email saying we don't need your address inside call me again so that's kind of annoying. Also I got a lot of emails about moving. Be cautious, they may get subcontracted out multiple times. I just kind of ignored that I'd scan through and then kind of ignore it. if it didn't you know saying you need to do this and it worked out fine but actually got a call recently about about the move, because there is a survey, and you have done 125 and you know I did do pretty good. With the review they were not 5 Stars and you could get a call back, and be offered an incentive for not getting the 5 star service.

For you next PCS make sure you Hire a Realtor who can help you find property for rent or sale fast. You can even start the process before you arrive. Virtual tours and having an agent like Skip Young®, who will get the job done for you. Having his past military experience he knows how to work with us. 

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