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5 Types of Military Moves for Fort Meade MD

Fort Meade MD PCSing and Guide

5 Types of Military Moves

When we’re writing about military moves, it is used as an umbrella term. There are actually several different ways you can be moved between duty stations. Depending on your orders, circumstances, and how much help you need from the DoD, you may have to conduct a specific type of move. Other times you may be able to pick which category your move falls under. Whether you know the kind of move you’ll make or not, the first step is always to contact your base or unit’s transportation and personal property office.

The 5 different classifications are as follows:

1. Household Goods (HHG)

Transportation Service Provider, or TSP, is the official term for a moving company hired by the government to conduct your move. Allowing the DoD to hire a TSP and take care of all the needs of your move for you is called an HHG move. It’s a great way for those with just too much to do and take the difficulty of moving off your plate. It can be used for PCS moves anywhere in the world. And since the military works directly with the moving company, the costs are covered by them throughout the process.

2. DITY Move

Officially called a personally procured move (or PPM), this is when you organize and oversee the move on your own. Whether you rent a moving truck and hire people to do the job for you or simply cram whatever you own into the trunk of your car, the government will pay you 95% of the estimated cost to move your stuff. And if that’s more than you actually paid, no need to return the change. Any overage you received is yours to keep. Based on your needs, you can get up to 60% in advance. It can be applied to a PCS in CONUS or overseas or a TDY in CONUS.

3. Unaccompanied Baggage (UB)

This one entails the government sending the majority of your stuff to where you’re headed at an expedited speed. Used for people going TDY somewhere in CONUS or OCONUS they’ll need more than a carry-on bag. Also available to people PCS-ing overseas who want to have enough household goods that they can start putting a home together while waiting for the rest. The cost of shipping this baggage is covered by the military.

4. POV Shipment/Storage

For those not in the know, POV is one of the military’s most infamous acronyms: privately owned vehicle. Normal folks just call it a car. Only available for people PCS-ing OCONUS to have their vehicle shipped to them or stored until they return to CONUS. The military will only cover the cost s to send or ship a single vehicle. The DoD’s official website for the process, PCSmyPOV, includes a tracker that allows you to check your vehicle’s status at any time.

5. Non-Temporary Storage (NTS)

For those who prefer to store some/most/all of your stuff rather than take it with you for an OCONUS PCS. Rather than lug or ship a favorite couch across one ocean or another, put it away until you’re back living in the USA. This is also available on select CONUS PCS moves, so check with your local or base personal property office if it sounds like the plan for you. The costs will most likely be covered, but your base’s property office will know for sure and lay out the specifics if otherwise.


Obviously, the nuts and bolts of your move are going to be specific to you and your family. We hope that this gave you more content as to what your upcoming move can be. The more organized you are, the easier your next change of station, temporary or permanent, will go.

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