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Waldorf MD Homebuyers Need To Know When Making an Offer

Dated: June 23 2021

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Homebuyers Need to Know When making an offer on a home in Waldorf, MD

When buying a home in Waldorf MD a question could be asked why am I not able to get an offer accepted. With 20 -30 contracts coming over and your average days on the market is a week at most. Since there is such a low inventory and with interest rates being at a record low, making more buying power for the buyer. 

I had a client who wanted a single-family home. PCSing from Hawaii to Fort Meade, MD they had a budget. The budget would only allow for a townhome. Thinking quickly I made the call to the lender and asked where rates were. Just a 1/4 drop in interest rate brought back a Single Family Home near Fort Meade MD. 

What other steps can you take as a buyer to get the upper hand on the home your looking for?

1. Know Your Numbers

So how do we keep your deal on track and get you into the home you are looking for and is also in your qualification. The qualification route is the best route to start. If you can go through the process of getting fully approved minus the location. As a Realtor in Waldorf, MD I would look to see out of all the offers who is the most reliable buyer. Even showing your potential Waldorf MD, homeowners that you make enough money and have enough in savings for the downpayment. 

2. Brace for a fast pace

Virtualrealtor.com is dedicated to being able to use the technology tools to purchase a home without even walking through it personally. This is not for everyone. If you're a first-time Maryland home buyer, you may not want to take the virtual route. Knowing how many people in your family and how everyone lives in the home can be seen very clearly with virtual home tours. So be prepared to jump in the car and take a ride ASAP. This is where you need to be prepared with Step 1. Being qualified or rather pre-qualified since you do not have the address to apply to the letter showing your qualification. So be prepared to make a good time out of viewing what may be more than one home before you land on the perfect home for your family. 

Waldorf MD Homes Sold by For Sale By Owners, or Hire a Realtor to Sell your house

    Skip Young
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    Skip Young

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     Three of the studies conclusions:

    1. FSBO Achieve prices significantly lower than those with similar properties that were sold by Realtors using MLS
    2. The difference in selling prices for Waldorf MD FSBO’s when compared to the MLS sales of Similar properties was about 5.5% in 2016
    3. The sales in 2017 suggest the average price was nearly 6% lower for FSBO sales of similar properties.
    4. By hiring a Realtor like Skip Young to list and sell your home, you are opening your Waldorf MD home up to so many other opportunities to sell to. Most buyers have an agent that is helping them with showing the home and getting them into the home. Buyers are using sites like Zillow.com and Relator.com to find and track their homes before they call an agent.
    5. Even if your home is listed for sale on major websites. Buyers in the Waldorf MD area will still need a Realtor to make sure they are receiving the care of they need of buying a home. Home inspections, loan processing, title company and more. So putting your home up for sale by owner may be possible, but your odds are even better when you hire a Realtor.


    Find out your Homes Value in Waldorf Maryland today by filling and submitting the form.

    What's my House Value in Waldorf Maryland?

    If you are looking to Buy a Home in Southern Maryland, hire a Southern Maryland Realtor to help you find the Home you are looking for. In either Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Prince Georges County, Calvert County or Anne Arundel County, Finding and Hiring a local Realtor will help you find the right home for the right price. If its New Construction you need, your local Maryland Realtor can help you find the right Community or even find the right On Your Lot with Caruso Homes to build your Luxury Dream Home. What is your house value? Home value comes from the sales of other properties in your community that have sold over the last 6 months. When your house is prepared to go on the market, the value is calculated by Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square Footage, Garage, and Basement. The location also plays a part in the value of your home. If you in a good location, close to shopping, in a great school district, this will attract more potential buyers to your home. Making the home value much higher and also opening up the possibility of selling your home much faster. Taking also into the factor that when buying a New Luxury home from Caruso Home - On Your Lot, you have the opportunity to get your new home built for less than regular market value. Always give New Construction of your purchase a chance to see if you have the 7 - 9 months of build time. Caruso Homes also has communities all around Maryland that have homes that are 30 - 45 days out for you to purchase as well. Buying new will give you the value and equity to grow in your investment.

    Need to know the value of your Waldorf MD?

    Please leave a message below and I will return the valuation of your home, time to sell on the market, and any other information on your neighborhood statistics.

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    Sold a Single Family home in 2010 in Mechanicsville, MD.

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    I tried unsuccessfully for four years to sell my home in Mechanicsville. Two different real estate companies declined to renew my listing. Thank goodness for Skip Young. He never gave up and never made any excuses - and this was at a time when the real estate market was at it’s absolute worst. We had some offers that fell through at the last minute. Skip never wavered. His attitude was always positive. Thanks to Skip’s tenacity and professionalism my house sold and I got the fresh start I needed. Thank you Skip.

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