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Waldorf Homes for Sale = Where are home prices in Waldorf MD going?

Dated: August 12 2020

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Where are home prices in Waldorf MD going?

What about the economy and housing recovery?

Five things I wish I had known before joining the Army. Video while still going out fresh in my mind. Spent a lot of time thinking about this and think I really came up with stuff that'll help. Without further Ado, I wish I'd known before joining ROTC, as I wish I had understood the amount from day one actually before you join. So the LML is the order of Merit list and put the Army uses to judge you, for all the other Cadets in a country is the formula that provides for how many points you'll get based on what stuff you do. Example in your GPA Yorkie t-score what club like clubs you're involved in if your leaders of those clubs if you do any Varsity Sports if you do in a mirror supports that just a very long list of stuff and the key is that they're all way differently to for example of when I went through ROTC GPA was the biggest Factor on the oml meaning you could be a PT stud you'll get 300 on every PT test being a social study Vienna tons of clubs and be leader of all the Cubs stuff but if you still had like a Porgy day like a 2.7 you really didn't know because they were looking at GPA more than the rest of it. So I understand how you can best spend your time in a way that will help you get more points and also in a way that I don't have to get more points, but also you can prioritize stuff that's going to help you get points as well as that you're interested in and that will help you grow as a person.

Let's you understand how you're being graded, it's like a rubric, so the more you understand the rubric the more you can tailor your presentation in order. For years in RTC to get the highest grade possible and of course the higher you are the more likely you are to get what you want so if you want to active-duty you're more likely if you're hiring let the mouth you're more likely to get the branch you want. Far the second thing I wish I'd known for doing ROTC, what's the difference between a master and things I just needed to understand. To check the box with but there's also a lot of stuff where that's not the case you just kind of need to know it a little bit get by and it's got it then you can you know what I want to say dump it but for some of like it doesn't carry over so imma give you a quickie sample. Remember you know something or Jimmy or something we can memorize the characteristics of the defense and like the subtext region, I'm so there's. Forget exactly there's like six or eight characteristics of defense and then they each have their own.

You know what does it mean to have Tempo?

That does it mean to have Bobble off Master characteristics of the defense. You should know what they are and they don't have a vague understanding of it but that's not it that's all you really need. On the other hand there's map Reading which is huge because everything goes off What is going to look like on the ground. How can you plan on your duty of considerations. I'd suggest you finish talking to catch a getting real life experiences. That they're given to click through in class. If you have prior service when you're at your school definitely learned from them you know they were in prior service they they been in the actual units and everything they can give you some good perspective. I mean of course you can always watch notes YouTubers and videos. You know I think they are all acting, I guess we're all acting in the best interest possible in that you know we're just trying to provide information and help people who are going to get it who are doing the same stuff as a sort who are can you not do the same stuff etcetera I think we can provide some good perspective.

I don't just listen to one person because then you're just getting their perspective and their bias the fourth thing I wish I'd known for doing ROTC is that is really important to learn from the upperclassmen do my freshman and sophomore year I really I really didn't do enough of this those people will have a lot to teach you know they've been in the program for a few years they've seen it they know the tempo and everything you know they are that they can teach you now there's going to be a lie no loud and kawaki upperclassmen but from my experience at least these are typically not the people you want to listen to frankly I would just go for some of the top performers some of the people you see who are the best leaders I'd go to them and ask them and try to get information from them to you a little and the food thing I wish I'd known for doing ROTC was actually I didn't really have a problem with this I have to admit but I saw a lot of people who did was you know don't let Archie become your life and remember you're only in college once in your life and it's really an amazing time and a time where you can learn so much about so many different things and you know you get to be away from your parents and you get to do all this stuff your mother's Freedom you know you learn who you are and everything don't forget that get a good balance because I found that the people who made our to see their life those are the people who got tired of it and either quit or set their grades slip or whatever just don't do that just try to keep that good, regular college life balance as best as you can. I'm not saying you know go out drinking before PT and stuff like that. I think it's easy to kind of tell me when you have a good balance first when you're going too far to one side to the other just don't let ROTC become be like don't only hang out with ROTC people don't only talk about RTC the only worried about RTC like to have that good balance it will definitely pay off. I had those are the five things I wish I'd known for doing ROTC I really hope this help I really think it will personally these are all things that I wish I had known for doing our to see I think that would have really paid dividends the long run foot please let me know if it's helped in the comment down.

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If you are stationed here and are looking to purchase or sell a home please contact Skip Young Realtor®

Waldorf Maryland Realtor® - Skip Young Realtor®Your Waldorf MD Realtor® - Skip Young

Stationed here and are looking to purchase or sell a home please contact Skip Young Realtor®:

Skip Young Realtor® with Reviews as a Realtor®, has an extensive background in working with an Elite Unit while serving his country from 91 - 94. Now an Award-winning Realtor®, located in Waldorf MD, has proven not just in the ranks of the field with an Elite unit in the Army, but also in the Maryland Real Estate Business. By working with every type of client, to include active duty and veterans alike. His dedication to helping those who are serving and need to use their VA loan, need information on leasing a property due to a short-term duty station at any one of the bases here in the Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia. Military bases such as:

There are currently 23 million veterans and service members right in your local community of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. They transact over $153 billion annually in the Local Real Estate purchases and Selling of Property, along with the Rental Market. Learn how you can help tap into and serve the veteran community with VAREP, the Greater Annapolis Chapter. Skip Young your Waldorf MD Realtor® and Veteran is still continue's to serve my country by helping our community of brothers and sisters by representing the Government Affairs division. The position is about assisting in changing the laws that help protect veterans and service members who need to find housing in the Washington DC Maryland and Virginia area.

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    Waldorf MD Homes for Sale Are you are stationed here and are looking to purchase or sell a home please contact Skip Young Realtor®: Marine Barracks Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling PSD Washington, DC....

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