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PCSing to Fort Meade MD, Andrews Air Force Base or Patuxent Naval Base?

Dated: January 30 2020

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PCSing to Fort Meade MD, Andrews Air Force Base or Patuxent Naval Base?

You should use your VA home loan to get the best deal. There is no mortgage insurance and that saves you a ton of money over time.

  • Occupancy by spouse or dependent child:

  1. Occupancy for intent to occupied by the spouse or dependent child satisfies the occupancy requirement for veteran who is on active duty and cannot personally occupied dwelling within a reasonable time. In the case of a dependent child the veterans attorney in fact or legal guardian of the dependent child must make the certification and sign VA form 26 - 1820 reporting certificate of loan disbursement. Occupancy by the spouse may also satisfy the requirement of the if the veteran cannot personally occupy the dwelling within a reasonable time do the distant deployment and employment or other than military services if these specific cases consult your RLC Regional Loan Center to determine if the type of tenancy need the VA requirement chip for us for us IRRLs a certification that spouse spouse or dependent child previously occupied the dwelling as a home we'll satisfy their requirements,


  • Occupancy requirements for deployed single or married service members while deployed from their permanent Duty stations, are considered to be in a temporary Duty status and able to meet occupancy requirements. This is true without regard to whether or not a spouse will be able to occupy the property prior to the veterans return from deployment.


  • Other types of occupancy. Other types of occupancy include occupancy after retirement - if the veteran status States it's a veteran states that he or she will retire within 12 months and once a loan to purchase a home and in the retirement location: verify a veterans eligibility for retirement on that specific date. Carefully consider the applicant's income after retirement. delayed occupancy for requires improvements - Home Improvements are refinancing loans for exit extensive changes to the property which will prevent did return prevent a veteran from occupying the property while the work is being completed constitutes exceptions to the reasonable time requirement the veteran must certify that he or she intends to occupy occupy or reoccupy the property as a home upon completion of the improvements or repairs. intermittent occupancy the veteran - the veteran need not maintain a physical Presence at the property on a daily basis however occupancy as a veteran implies that the home is located within reasonable proximity of veterans place of employment. Tip use the property as a seasonal vacation home does not satisfy occupancy requirement unusual occupancy please check with the VA Regional Loan Center for an occupancy circumstances that do not fit in the requirement


  1. Now we're going to cover who is eligible for a VA loan. Eisen in order to obtain a VA home loan you must fill out form 26-1880 and request for your Certificate of Eligibility this certificate is issued only through the VA and is the first step towards applying for your loan. Veterans, active-duty, guard or reserve, and Military spouses potentially qualify for this certificate


       3. Persons eligible for a VA loan - active duty

  • 90 day rule or six-month rule - a veteran is eligible for a loan benefits are Fierce a sheriff serve active duty Army Navy Airforce Marine Corps or Coast Guard after September 15th 1940 and was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable after that semicolon 90 days or more any part occur during wartime 180 181 days continuous days or more during peacetime


  • 2 year rule if not on active duty a greater length of service is required for veterans who enlist and service begins after September 7th 1980 or enlisted Service as an officer after October 16th 1981.


 The Veteran's must have completed their:

 24 continuous months of active duty, or the full. Of which called for order to do active duty, but not less than 90 days any part during wartime or 180 181 continuous days of Peace time.


 This is this rule, is do to active legislation


4. Persons eligible for a VA loan - Reserves


  • Members of the reserves and National Guard are who are not otherwise eligible for loan Guaranty benefits are eligible upon completion of six years of service in the reserves are guard unless released early to a service-connected disability the applicant


  • The applicant must have received an honorable a general or under honorable conditions is not qualify discharge from it's such service unless he or she is either semicolon


  • in an inactive status awaiting discharge or still serving in the reserves are guard or less than six years may qualify if I'm to be discharged with a disability title 10 orders


 if reservists or National Guards are activated for combat Duty they must be overseas for 90 days. They can get a VA home loan and this will show on the CLE know there are numerous circumstances in length and service requirements for example one duty of service is sufficient for an individual who is discharged or released from service regular active duty Reserve car due to service-connected disability. 

Understanding of Current Market Conditions

·      With today’s technology, you are going to find the house before I will. Zillow will set up alerts and you will receive them as soon as something is listed. I also set up a database that only realtors use. See Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com are syndicated websites. There are no rules. So, you have to be careful. Rental companies will list a house that is not available just to get you to call them, then try to move you to another home. I do not do business like this. It’s dis-honest. I work hard for my renters. Yes, I will show you rentals and make very little money. But money is not why I am in Real Estate. I will be fine. But you are the client that needs attention to detail. Confidentiality is a huge.

Maryland Realtor® | Veteran | eXp Realty | Director of Government Affairs Annapolis

Fort Meade MD Realtor Skip Young Realtor for your Military move!

Military Families Matter!

Waldorf MD Realtor - Skip Young Being very fortunate enough to have a father in the Navy who was stationed in Hawaii for 18 years, I was able to grow up as a military child with only two duty stations. After leaving Hawaii’s Barbers Point, our PCS was to San Diego. After Skip Young's father’s retirement from the Navy my father decided to return back home to the state of Maryland. I was taught the disciplines of a Military Son. If your reading my Bio here you will understand.

US Army Ranger

I myself then signed up for the Army because I knew in my heart serving my country was the first step in manhood. I left Baltimore MEPS and headed for Fort. Benning GA. Infantry training began, then Airborne school and then Ranger Indoctrination Program RIP. Yes this was the Black Berets that came and got me from graduation of Airborne school. The rest of the story is I ended up at 1st Ranger Battalion at Hunter Army Airfield. I can go no further than this at this point. I served my country from 91 -94.

While in Ranger Battalion I was trained on Motorcycles during Airfield Seizures, I had taken my bike for training at Ft. Stewart GA  where a POV pulled out in front of me. I was then removed from Battalion and took up duties on base that would allow the repairs to my knee to heal. Jobs such as maintaining the Gym, Hunter Army Airfield Reporter, and my final job was to drive General De Fransisco I performed duties on Hunter Army Airfield just like a Ranger would and it showed.

I returned to my home state of the Hawaii and was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division while there I served out my term and received a disability rating and returned home to Maryland.

Skip Young Realtor

I first got into Real Estate at the same time I opened my first Wireless store. Early 2000’s was great for Real Estate and a great way to learn quickly like a Ranger would. Since there was boom in the Real Estate market as a Realtor I sold 60 homes that grossed over 12.5 Million. This won an award for Rookie of the year in Calvert County MD. My success has continued ever since. I have since received a degree in Information Technology since he Real Estate Market has changed to a digital and internet based platform.

Currently I am a Realtor working at eXp Realty. To help move Active and Veteran Military persons I have been certified as a Certified Military Relocation. To assist in making your transition as smooth as possible. Being an Elite Solider, there are times when I would just have to leave for deployment. In this situation you need someone you can trust and understand the security that comes along with the job. Your job title is not a factor to me, the factor is making sure you home is secure, on sale, for rent, investments protected and someone is keeping an eye on your property while you are serving your country. We work in a world where things move very fast, you need a Realtor that can handle the pressure of what pressure you experience everyday in military life.

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Skip Young

Waldorf MD Homes for Sale Are you are stationed here and are looking to purchase or sell a home please contact Skip Young Realtor®: Marine Barracks Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling PSD Washington, DC....

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